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MTG Proxy Cards – Power 9!

Cast your gaze among the Power 9 MTG proxy cards! If you’re looking at picking up a power 9 proxy set then these beautiful MTG altered art proxy cards are just for you.  The power 9 MTG Proxies set includes the following cards:  Ancestral Recall – Proxy Card Black Lotus – Proxy Card, Mox Emerald – Proxy Card, Mox Jet – Proxy Card, Mox Pearl – Proxy Card, Mox Ruby – Proxy Card, Mox Sapphire – Proxy Card, Time Walk – Proxy Card and the Timetwister – Proxy Card.

You can buy our MTG Proxy Cards individually from the selection below, if you are looking at picking up the full power 9 proxy card set, then you can find that here, we also stock all proxy cards in playsets, should you wish to buy more than one proxy card and save a little then check out our playsets you can find them here.

 All our MTG Proxy Cards are shipped from the USA, and we offer free shipping, if you can’t find the MTG Proxy card you want or have any other questions then please talk with our chat agent, we are always happy to help.